Session Program

14.00-14.10 Welcome and introduction
14.10-14.30 C. Solnon, the LAD algorithm
14.30-14.50 C. Solnon, the FC algorithm
14.50-15.10 F. Papadopoulos, the PJ algorithm
15.10-15.10 V. Bonnici, the RI33 algorithm
15.30-15.50 Coffee break
15.50-16.10 V. Bonnici, the RI33DS algorithm
16.10-16.30 I. Almasri, the L2G algorithm
16.30-16.50 Presentation of the contest results
16.50-17.20 Time to prepare the replies
17.20-17.40 Authors replies (3 minutes each)
17.40-18.00 Concluding remarks